Waldorf Kyra Patches for Ambient and Techno: “Aestivation” Sound Pack

Waldorf Kyra Patches for Ambient and Techno

Waldorf Kyra is a flexible virtual-analog synthesizer with lots of exciting features. With Aestivation, we took a deep dive into its sound engine. This sound pack includes 70 Waldorf Kyra patches, completely designed from scratch. These presets are perfectly suited to electronic music genres such as ambient and techno, but fit also easily in other productions.

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Waldorf Kyra Patches for Ambient, Electronica and Techno – Aestivation Sound Pack

From digital to analog: Waldorf Kyra Aestivation Sound Pack

Numerous pads cover a broad spectrum from warm soundscapes to crystalline ​​distorted industrial drones. Of course, there is also an extensive selection of leads and bass sounds, ranging from aggressive FM-like leads to smooth variants for melodic techno, up to sub and e-basses. This sound pack also features a selection of typical dub chords and deep atmospheres. Perfect for dub techno and ambient.

Assignment of Velocity, Aftertouch and Mod Wheel

All presets make use of aftertouch, velocity, and mod wheel. When assigning the parameters, we’ve focussed on their musical purpose, instead of just limiting the controller destinations to boring vibrato modulations.

As a result, you can significantly reshape the whole character of some patches. Create exciting soundscapes just by turning the modulation wheel. Other patches benefit from an optimized combination of filter modulation, resonance, LFO speed, and other parameters. So you are able to build exciting transitions with little effort.

Aestivation Sound Pack includes 70 Waldorf Kyra Patches

  • Pads: 20
  • Leads: 16
  • Bass: 12
  • Arpeggiator: 11
  • Dub Chords: 5
  • EFX & Drones: 6

Get the Aestivation Sound Pack here:

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Easy installation

In order to transfer the Waldorf Kyra presets you’ll only need a free SysEx tool like SysEx- Librarian by snoize for Mac OSX. For Windows, you can use MIDI SysEx transfer utility.
To transfer the Sound Pack, connect the Kyra to a Mac or PC via USB. Then, open the SysEx librarian of your choice and load the file into the application window. In the MIDI Configuration menu of your Kyra, choose the bank to where you want the patches to be transferred. Now select the correct MIDI inputs and outputs in your app, and start the transfer. Finally, navigate to the bank you chose and start playing.


Single User, royalty-free for commercial or home use

This Sound Set is a digital item

The download link will be provided via email upon purchase.

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