Book: Electronic Music Production

Book: Electronic Music Production

In 70 easy-to-understand chapters, “Electronic Music Production: The Biggest Mistakes & Tips and Tricks for Successful Club Tracks” covers the most important elements of electronic music. Geared toward prevalent genres like techno, ambient, and electronica, I provide practical, easy-to-follow examples designed to be recreated. The book is written within the Ableton Live framework, but the contents are also easily transferrable to any other DAW like FL Studio, Cubase, or Logic.

Content of the Book:

  • Which equipment works well for electronic music production
  • How to mix tracks that work in the club
  • 22 common mistakes to avoid
  • Hands-on sound design: the perfect kick, silky pads and more – how to create your most important elements
  • Production strategies for creative dry spells
Book: “Electronic Music Production”


In the introductory part, we discuss how to choose the right studio equipment and set up your studio. The next chapters are dedicated to the biggest mistakes in electronic music production and how to avoid them. We go into detail on mixing and arrangement, but also tackle some basic issues that often arise in music production. In the fourth part, we cover mixing your most important sounds and elements, producing beats and dive into creative sound design with concrete, easy-to-follow instructions. I avoided focusing on specific genres, so most of these tips can be applied to a range of electronic music genres, be it (melodic) techno, ambient, IDM, trance, or house.