Twisted Electrons MEGAfm Presets: “Parsec”

Twisted Electrons MEGAfm Presets: Parsec Sound Pack

Twisted Electrons MEGAfm “Parsec” offers an array of new patches and possibilities for the characterful FM synthesizer. It includes 100 new MEGAfm presets tailored for Ambient, Dub Techno, Electronica, and IDM.

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MEGAfm Parsec Sound Pack – Preset Demo

The successor of the MEGA fm Magnitude sound set makes use of the added features of the latest MEGAfm firmware. Specifically, the new loopable envelopes contribute to the creation of animated motion pads and textures.

Consequently, this sound set includes 26 pads and textures, 20 lead sounds, and 15 basses. Additionally, it features 11 presets optimized for arpeggios, along with ten FX and percussion sounds. As with its predecessor, Dub Techno producers will likely appreciate the extensive selection of dub chords, with Parsec offering 18 variations.

Moreover, the pack’s sound palette spans melancholic leads and powerful basses, as well as warm pads and complex modulated textures. Importantly, many of the MEGAfm presets come with velocity, mod-wheel, and aftertouch assignments pre-configured. However, due to the MEGAfm architecture, users will need to activate these settings once in the global settings.

Parsec includes 100 new Twisted Electrons MEGAfm presets:

  • 13 Pads
  • 13 Motion Pads
  • 20 Leads
  • 15 Basses
  • 11 Arpeggios
  • 18 Dub Chords
  • 10 FX & Percussion
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Bundle up save money: MEGAfm Bundle

By purchasing the Twisted Electrons MEGAfm Bundle, you can save 20 %. This bundle includes “Parsec” and “Magnitude” and features 200 new presets.

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How to install MEGAfm Presets

Additional preparations

From the manual: “Turn the respective LFO rate knob to choose whether to link LFO1, 2, or 3 to the MIDI clock. Above 12 o’clock, the setting is on; below, the setting is off. The setting is indicated by ON/OF on the numeric display.”

For the best experience, please install the latest firmware and use the following settings:

  • LFO1: Velocity on / MIDI Sync on
  • LFO2: MIDI Sync on / Modwheel on
  • LFO3: MIDI Sync off / Aftertouch off (recommended, although it has been assigned in some of the patches)

Of course, these MEGAfm patches work even without making these preparations. However, it’s highly recommended to apply these settings if you want to get the most out of this sound pack.


Single user, royalty-free for commercial or home use.

This sound set is a digital item

The download link for the sound pack will be provided via email upon purchase.


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