Novation Peak and Summit Sound Pack “Extinction”

Novation Peak Patches for Ambient, Techno and Electronica - Extinction Preset Bank

Extinction is our second collection of Novation Peak Patches. Whether you’re a Techno producer, Ambient artist or just enjoy atmospheric sounds that tell a story – this Sound Pack might be what you’re looking for.

Novation Peak Sound Pack “Extinction” – Patches for Ambient, Deep House, Dub and Melodic Techno. Demo video

Each of Extinction’s 86 patches has been designed completely from scratch. As a result you can choose between 44 pads and textures, 12 leads, 12 basses, 11 arpeggiator sounds next to a selection of drum and SFX sounds. As always, we dug deep into the synth engine and made heavy use of Peak’s outstanding oscillators and modulation matrix, including features like envelope repeat and FM.

Novation Peak Extinction Sound Pack also includes 8 new Wavetables

In 2020, Novation added a fantastic feature to Peak’s already impressive sound engine. With the release of firmware version 1.3 you were now able to create and transfer your own wavetables. As sound designers we obviously had to include that feature into this preset collection. Thus additionally to the 86 patches, this sound pack also features eight user wavetables that were created exclusively for this patch bank.

Patches for live performers and studio use

For expressive performances a selection of parameters has been assigned to both animate buttons, mod wheel and aftertouch. Instead of just implementing that boring mod-wheel-controls-vibrato standard the parameter assignment goes way beyond. In conjunction with aftertouch and the two animate buttons you’ll be able to morph literally between different sounds or drown a patch in a deep haze of reverb and delays.

Extinction Sound Pack for Novation Peak:

  • Pads & Motions: 44
  • Leads: 12
  • Arp: 11
  • Bass: 12
  • Drum & SFX: 7
  • Wavetables: 8
  • Compatible with Novation Peak and Summit
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▶ Bundle up and save money with the “Permafrost Extinction Bundle”. This bundle also contains our Permafrost Sound Pack for Novation Peak and Summit.

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Easy Installation

Novation Peak Permafrost Sound Pack is shipped in Novation’s Components Librarian format. In order to install the presets, just connect your Peak or Summit with the Components software and open the included file. You can choose if you want to transfer the whole pack or just single patches to your synth. Please make also sure to transfer the eight included wavetables as described in the included installation guide.


Single User, royalty-free for commercial or home use

This Sound Set is a digital item

The download link of the Sound pack will be provided via email upon purchase.

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